Tattoo laser removal

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You can’t travel back in time and stop yourself from getting a tattoo you no longer want, but you can visit Karmalite to have your tattoo removed. Karmalite is a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology who provides advanced laser tattoo removal treatments.

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Laser tattoo removal is conducted with lasers that produce pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin. The light energy breaks the tattoo pigment into tiny pieces. The body’s immune system can then excrete the fragments through its natural processes.

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Your treatment provider will give you several options to keep you comfortable during the laser treatment. Nerve blocks, numbing creams, and sedation are all effective methods of minimizing discomfort during this procedure.
The technician, will guide the laser device across the tattoo surface until the area has been completely treated. The length of the procedure will depend on the size of your tattoo. Small tattoos may require only a few minutes of laser treatment per session.

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Laser tattoo removal requires minimal downtime. It is important to adhere to Karmalite’s post-treatment instructions in order to get the most out of each treatment session and encourage optimal results.
In general, the area should not be exposed to sunlight or submerged in water for a period of two weeks after treatment.
Additionally, situations or activities that cause sweating should be avoided for the first few days after the laser treatment.
Swelling, scabbing, discolouration, and peeling can occur as part of the healing process. If needed, our doctors can provide recommendations to ease discomfort and supporting healing.

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We strive for excellence


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Since they are meant to be permanent, there is no quick fix for removing tattoos. Patients should expect gradual improvements over multiple laser treatment sessions.
Laser tattoo removal treatments should be spaced 4-6 weeks apart, depending on how quickly the patient’s body processes the treated pigment. The total treatment time needed to arrive at your final results could range from several weeks to several months. It normally takes 5-8 Sessions.
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Fast Facts

  • The newer the tattoo, the more vibrant the color and the more sessions will be needed. In contrast, the ink in older tattoos will have already started to fade, so aged tattoos can be easier to erase.
  •  Light blue and green are the most challenging colors to remove. Brown, black, and dark blue are some of the easiest colors to remove.
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