Health Check

Mr. Sari Otaqui

Health and Wellness Expert


Oligo/Check evaluates in an instant the needs: minerals, vitamins, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals by photometry directly in your office. It allows you to benefit from a quick and painless assessment.

Chosen by many practitioners, the So/Check platform provides the solution for assessing your customers’ nutritional needs in less than 3 minutes. The platform is connected to personal and secure access on an application connected to the internet.


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Dr Argelia Al Abed Touqan

Dietician and Nutritionist

Our Nutritionist

Dietitians and nutritionists counsel clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits. Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. They plan and conduct food service or nutritional programs to help people lead healthy lives.


  • They Help You Address Digestive Issues
  • They Make It Easier to Maintain Motivation
  • They Tailor Meal Plans to Your Precise Needs
  • They Provide You with Nutrition Knowledge
  • They Know a Ton of Helpful Tips and Tricks

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