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33 Naeb Umran Al-Maayta St. - Swiefieh, Amman - Jordan
Harmony in Aesthetics: Dr. Miral Al Nimri's Masterful Touch
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Elegance in Dermatology and Beyond

Dr. Miral Al Nimri, a maestro in dermatology, seamlessly combines artistry in fillers and precision in Botox, crafting an elegant symphony of timeless beauty.


My journey with Dr. Miral has been nothing short of exceptional. From lip and chin fillers to jaw and nose enhancements, each session showcased her expertise in aesthetic enhancements. Karmalite is truly a haven for transformative beauty.


Dr. Miral’s holistic approach to multiple treatments, from Botox to fillers, created a complete facial harmony. The results are a subtle and natural rejuvenation that has boosted my confidence.


Dr. Miral’s skin boost for the face is like a radiance infusion. My skin feels revitalized, and the glow is simply extraordinary. Her meticulous approach to skin care is evident in every session.


Under Dr. Miral’s care, hair PRP was a true miracle-worker. My hair not only thickened but regained its shine and vitality. Dr. Miral’s expertise extends beyond the face to transformative hair care.


Experiencing forehead Botox with Dr. Miral was a game-changer. The elimination of lines was precise, and the result is a smoother, more youthful forehead without any frozen appearance.


Dr. Miral’s expertise in nose fillers is unparalleled. The refinement achieved is subtle yet makes a significant difference in enhancing the overall harmony of my facial features.


Dr. Miral’s precision with jaw fillers is exceptional. The definition and contouring have given my jawline a subtle yet impactful lift, creating a more sculpted and refined appearance.


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33 Naeb Umran Al-Maayta St. - Swiefieh-Amman, Jordan