Sagging buttocks is mild to severe deflation in the butt area with surrounding skin that appears loose. It lacks muscle definition in the gluteus maximus; the large muscles in the buttocks. If the area is not constantly exercised, muscle atrophy may develop, where the muscle wastes away and loses strength further causing the area to sag. The skin in this area is also quite thin, which means that any excess fat will pull the skin in a downward direction. Some patients experience grooves or indents on each cheek.



  • Losing weight dramatically

  • Giving birth/multiple pregnancies

  • Age; with age the gluteal muscles lose their strength and tone

  • Long hours of sitting at work can cause excessive fat cells to accumulate between the gluteal muscles and the external layer of the skin

  • Poor nutrition causes excess fat in the area

  • Lack of exercise



To enlarge the muscle and create a natural lifting effect, Ultratone electronically simulates the body’s impulses causing the muscle to contract and grow faster than with normal exercise.


Shaping your buttocks to the shape you want can be achieved with mechanical treatments such as LPG Endermologie. The area also becomes smoother, more elastic, and dimple free.


Exilis is a great option for those who are experiencing a shift downwards, where fat and skin have accumulated in the area we call the banana roll. This targeted treatment will bust right through the area, lifting and tightening it in just a few sessions.


For more serious mass loss issues in the buttocks, we would recommend visiting a plastic surgeon to fill the area with fat or silicone.



  • Targeted exercise can help strengthen the muscles, creating a lifting effect on the area

  • Invest in body-sculpting undergarments to help create a more defined look

  • Avoid prolonged periods of sitting as this further encourages the accumulation of fat in the area

  • Cut out carbs, refined sugars, and salt from your diet