Breast sagging, also known as ptosis, is a condition experienced by all women sooner or later in life (except those with small breasts). In many women, it occurs quite early, even without pregnancy.

All women will experience breast droop to a certain extent with the onset of menopause, as the skin tends to loosen due to decreased levels of elastin and collagen. The ducts needed for breast-feeding also shrink during menopause, causing the breast to lose volume.

While sagging of teenage breasts is infrequent, some teenage girls, especially those who have large breasts or exercise frequently, might notice more sagging if they are not careful with support. 


  • Age

  • Genetics

  • Breast size and gravity

  • Weight loss

  • Number of pregnancies

  • Breastfeeding

  • Smoking

  • Menopause

  • Bra (excessive bra-wearing weakens the ligaments that hold up the breasts)


If sagging breasts are the result of poor posture, we recommend Ultratone. It is an effective way to improve poor posture through electric stimulation of the correct muscles to lift and strengthen your chest. Several sessions may be required. 

Endermolift is specifically designed to slow down and reverse the aging process of the breast area by naturally restoring skin firmness.

Exilis is ideal for those who require some tightening to lift the breast tissue slightly while thickening and strengthening the skin.


  • Remember to give your bra a rest

  • Quit smoking

  • Always wear a sports bra while exercising

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Mind your posture, poor posture causes breasts to droop, while good posture lifts the breasts upwards

  • Always use a nursing pillow while breastfeeding and avoid angling your breast down for the baby to reach