Liposuction is a cosmetic operation that breaks down and suctions fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and backs of the arms, calves, and back.

Complications may arise post-procedure.

In some cases, under-correction of an area, which means leaving behind excess residual fat in parts of the liposuctioned area, may occur. 

In addition to a doctor “missing a spot,” they may overcorrect, where too much fat is taken out from one area making the rest of the area look uneven.

Some edema (water retention) is anticipated after liposuction, this is mainly due to the fact that your body will suffer trauma to the lymphatic system affecting drainage. However, this should subside in a month or two. Patients who have had an operation before on the same area or patients with fibrous fat deposits tend to swell the most. If the swelling is moving, you may have seroma formation – a post-operative fluid that collects under the skin following liposuction – which needs to be drained.

Liposuction may also result in highly visible scars. Depressed scars are due to over liposuction in the vicinity of the incision. Hyperpigmented scars are due to skin bruising following repeated passes by the cannula used for suctioning.


  • Failure to quit smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery

  • Over suctioning of a single area with the extensive breaking of the fibrous tissue

  • Infection

  • Friction and/or repeat insertions at the incision site

  • Over-correction or under-correction where too much or too little fat has been liposuctioned outside the desired contour line



LPG Endermologie, is one of the most effective treatments for localized fat removal. This treatment is recommended for everyone who has had liposuction. It reduces the recovery time and improves the results if there are problematic areas or fat deposits that have been missed by liposuction. And it speeds up the process of getting rid of water retention in the treated area.

Mesotherapy further assists in targeting stubborn fat areas, or for the now apparent cellulite.

Other recommended treatments include Exilis to treat all areas of the body where some of the skin has become lax after surgery and if there are leftover fat deposits.

For scarring and redness, CO2 Fractional Laser and IPL treatments are recommended as they improve the texture and color of the scars by resurfacing the skin, removing excess pigment, and encouraging the release of collagen.

Cool Laser is highly recommended for those who have recently undergone liposuction to speed the recovery period and reduce the likelihood of scarring.


  • Keep your feet up whenever possible to avoid swelling

  • Make sure to hydrate frequently, your body has probably lost a lot of fluids during surgery

  • Keep compression garments and stockings clean at all times to avoid infection

  • Quit smoking

  • Apply sunscreen frequently to the affected area

  • Start exercising as soon as you get the green light from your doctor. It is recommended to start with 25% of your usual workout and build up to your original regime