Over the years our skin may appear to be slacker and it starts to “hang” loosely, this is known as loose skin. As we age, in addition to the area appearing floppy, the skin may become more fragile and flat. This occurs when the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the area underneath it (dermis) come together. Additionally, with age lower levels of collagen and elastin are produced, which reduces skin elasticity.


Your skin may have also experienced weight changes, size fluctuations, or pregnancy all of which stretch your skin unforgivingly causing it to sag, ultimately forming flaps and folds.



  • Genetics, some areas are more predisposed to loosening than others

  • Age

  • Rapid weight loss and dieting without exercise

  • Pregnancy

  • Sleeping positions

  • Smoking

  • Sun exposure



To reverse the appearance of loose skin we recommend Exilis to treat all areas of the body where tighter, firmer skin is desired. 


Ultratone is an effective way to improve loose skin through electric stimulation. Several sessions may be required.  The treatment will tighten, tone, lift, and firm the area.


You will also benefit greatly from Mesotherapy to enhance circulation and encourage the growth of new skin.


If the skin issue is excessive our consultants may recommend that you visit a plastic surgeon to remove the extra skin.



  • Weight training can strengthen the muscles under your skin making it look firmer

  • Exfoliation sheds dead cells, helping the skin produce fresher and stronger cells and encouraging circulation

  • Drinking water will help skin appear more taut and firm

  • Moisturizing regularly can greatly help with skin plumpness and firmness

  • Skin products that contain yeast extract, aloe vera extract, and soy protein may firm your skin by inducing collagen and elastin production

  • Apply sunscreen to the entire body before going outdoors