Sunken eyes and circles can make you look exhausted and unhealthy. It usually has darker pigment than the rest of the skin

What are the symptoms of sunken eyes?

  • Hollowing under the eyes

  • A dark shadow over the lower eyelid

  • Dark circles underneath the eyes

  • Thin-looking skin under the eyes

  • An overall tired or look

Sunken eyes can have many possible causes. Most of the time, it’s not considered a medical problem.

  1. Aging; we lose fat and bone density around our face as we age. There is also a decline in the supporting structures that hold everything together. The skin loses collagen and becomes thinner and more translucent. A hollowing of the face around the eyes is part of the process.

  2. Dramatic weight loss; When you lose a lot of weight, you lose fat as well. A dramatic loss of fat in the face can also make the blood vessels surrounding your eyes more visible and transparent.

  3. Genetics; The position of the eyes in their socket also depends on your genetics. If other members of your family also have the appearance of sunken or darkened eyes, it could just be part of your DNA.

  4. Lack of sleep; Frequently sleeping for less than seven hours has an impact on the appearance of the eyes.

  5. Dehydration

  6. Sun exposure; Sun exposure causes our bodies to produce melanin, which darkens our skin. If you already have darker skin under your eyes because of your genetics, sun exposure can make the skin darker.

  7. Allergies

  8. Sinus infections

  9. Smoking; Smoking decreases collagen production and causes your skin to lose elasticity. This can lead to sagging skin on the face and the appearance of sunken eyes.