Weight loss boasts a multitude of benefits for the body. However, in cases of extreme and/or rapid weight loss, you may start to notice extra and often unflattering layers and folds of skin known as excess skin in certain areas of your body. Recovering gastric bypass and liposuction patients are particularly prone to experiencing excessive skin.

Pregnancy may cause excess skin, especially after several births.

In addition to causing emotional distress, excess skin can cause rashes, infections, and pain. It can also prevent you from leading the active lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.


  • Extreme weight loss (especially after extreme weight gain)

  • Rapid weight loss, where the skin is not able to keep up

  • Muscle atrophy

  • Age

  • Pregnancy


LPG Endermologie is one of the most effective treatments for controlling excess skin formation. The treatment encourages the area to become fresher looking, smoother, and more elastic.

Ultratone is an effective way to improve the appearance of excess skin through electric stimulation of the area. Several sessions may be required.  The treatment will tighten, tone, lift, and firm the area.

To reverse the appearance of excess skin we recommend Exilis to treat all areas of the body where tighter, firmer skin is desired.

In extreme cases consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss body lift options, a surgical procedure to lift and remove excess skin.


  • Take a slow and steady approach to weight loss

  • Keep the area clean and dry to avoid rashes and infection

  • Look for clothing to help conceal areas with excess skin and invest in supportive undergarments and shapewear for daily support

  • Focus on building muscle under excess skin to achieve a more balanced appearance

  • Quit smoking to keep skin looking healthy