A dry scalp is caused when the glands that produce the natural oils our scalp needs aren’t working properly because they are dehydrated. Dry scalp may be caused by cold seasonal temperatures, not hydrating your body well enough with water, or even some skin conditions which can cause a dry scalp.

Itching, tightness, and flaking can be caused by a dry scalp. Experiencing a dryer scalp in the winter is normal for many people, while in the warmer months, your scalp may naturally be more hydrated.

Dry scalp can cause hair excessive shedding because the hair is practically dying from thirst. It can also slow down hair growth because the roots aren’t moisturized enough to stimulate new hair growth.

shedding and breakage, which can affect the length and thickness of the hair.

How to prevent a dry scalp

Drinking at least eight 8 oz. glass of water every day

Avoiding beverages that can dehydrate you, like alcohol and soft drinks.

Home remedies that can help your scalp to produce the natural oils necessary for a healthy, hydrated head such as honey & olive oil hair mask.