Dull skin is one of the most common skincare complaints. It is associated with a skin that lacks radiance or glow. In normal circumstances, the skin makes use of moisture and oil to retain the skin in a smooth and bright state. Skin damage reduces the ability of the skin to do this and thus it dulls.

When we are young, our skin sheds its cells every 30 days. However, as we get older this extends up to every 60 days. The natural decrease in cell turnover can cause a buildup of dead skin cells which can leave your skin looking dry and rough.

 Your skin can also look patchy, as not all of your skin shows signs of aging at the exact same time.


  • Age

  • Sun Exposure

  • Smoking

  • Poor diet

  • Alcohol

  • Dehydration

  • Tiredness

  • Poor lifestyle

Treatments ​

In most cases, skin dullness can be overcome by increasing circulation to the face while stimulating your lymphatic system to reduce the buildup of toxins.

  • Endermolift by LPG is the easiest choice for a non-invasive relaxing treatment to treat this issue.

  • Rejuve RF treatments may also be suggested by your consultant.

Some cases require a bit more hard work, this is when we would recommend either:

  • Mesotherapy: to brighten your complexion by injecting the needed stimuli to the skin.

  • Carboxy Therapy: this injected gas helps resolve much of the dullness you may have fairly quickly.

There are several other treatments available to make sure to ask one of our consultants for more information.

Tips to improve skin complexion

  • What You Eat?: Your nutritional habits matter greatly in the fight against dull complexion. For your skin to be healthy, you have to eat healthy. Avoid fatty and sugary foods. Instead, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

  • Minimize alcohol: Even if you try to eliminate a dull complexion but you still take alcohol, your efforts will be stifled. Alcohol is harmful to our skin and will help make your complexion duller. Therefore, reduce or even better yet completely avoid alcohol.

  • Out with the Old – Slough off Dry Skin: Get rid of that dry skin through exfoliation and moisturizing. Once your old skin is gone, a new brighter layer will develop. Medical procedures such as chemical peels can also help to get rid of the old and dry skin layer.

  • Start your day with vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the best skin health products you can use. Vitamin C nourishes skin cells and improves immunity which protects the skin against pathogens. Starting your day with vitamin C, either in the form of fruits, vegetables or whatever is at hand, will keep your skin bright and healthy for the whole day.

  • Boost your skin’s moisture level: As mentioned, the skin needs adequate moisture so as to remain healthy and function properly. You can provide this moisture by drinking a lot of water throughout the day or using moisturizing products such as creams.

  • Stop Smoking or reduce it severely: Smoking causes the small blood vessels in your skin to close up resulting in less nutrition reaching the outer layers of skin, resulting in dull-looking skin.