سياسية الشحن

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?


Your order will be delivered within less than 48 hours. In most cases we deliver within less than 24 hours.



Can I ship to multiple addresses?


Each order has its own shipping address. Simply fill in your preferred shipping address details when placing the order.



To which countries does Karmalite ship?


At the moment, We only deliver within Jordan.



Can I track my delivery status online?


We are sure that you cannot wait to receive your order. To check for the current order and delivery status, simply contact us via WhatsApp so we can discuss with you directly.



How do I reschedule a delivery?


We will be happy to reschedule delivery at your convenience. Simply get in touch with us through any of our communication channels.



Where do you ship your items from?


We usually ship orders from Jordan as it is a central location and perfectly connected to all our markets.



Can I unpack and try the items on before I pay for the order?


Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.